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Social Light Inc. Provides Innovative Technology Products and Services

We create and distribute different solutions for both consumers & businesses to make technology more accessible.

Projects We're Involved In

Zion WiFi helps businesses utilize their free WiFi by getting Likes / Follows in Social Media. This, in turn, gives them access to social analytics, database, content filtering and so much more. The goal is to help Businesses increase sales.


Zion Send is our SMS & Email Blasting / Sending service, where the whole system revolves around Automation and Personalization. It’s the right segment, right message, at the right time, at the right conditions which makes it very effective.


Parbou is a WiFi Advertising Network that allows any Social WiFi / Hotspot solutions to have a bidding ad platform. It’s a full page ad with a high CTR, allowing advertisers to target real locations & demographics.


Detivo is a Restaurant Management System thru a POS eco-system. It’s connects restaurants and solution providers together allowing restaurants to focus on what’s really important which is food and operations.

shadow is one of the premier development agency in the Philippines with more than 7 years in helping small to large companies develop online websites to systems and apps. We believe outsourcing your work to us could be cheaper, efficient and reliable.


Zion WIFI Explainer Video


Social Light Inc. Background

Social Light Inc. was formed in 2013 by Co-Founders, Francis Simisim (Co-Founder of, and Founder of Blogapalooza), Annabelle Simisim (Former P&G Global Purchasing Solutions Manager), Franz Alfonso (Founder of Glue Digital and Co-Founder of, Venture-backed E-Commerce site in the Philippines) and Erwin Lee (Former Microsoft Software Engineer and Founder of Glue Digital). We focus on solutions that help businesses become sustainable thru repeat customer sales.

We believe that a lot of the businesses leave a lot of opportunities on the table by simply not looking at their existing customer base to target. We know that we can add value to them by providing them a means to cultivate customer relationships thru the use of technology to get them repeat sales.

Our solutions are Zion WiFi (Gather Customer Database thru WiFi), Zion Send (Personalized and Automated SMS & Email Sending Platform) and (Web & Systems development and outsourcing arm).

Social Light Inc

• To help our clients achieve business success and increase profit by providing efficient and quality marketing solutions and services
• To introduce innovative , new technologies which brings our clients up-to-date and ahead of their industries
• To provide significant and transformational change to the industry
• To create a strong organization where employees can learn, develop, succeed as a significant contributing member of a winning company
• To build long-term value for our clients

Our vision is to be an industry leader in providing innovative, non-traditional marketing solutions and services to our clients at a competitive price. We are to help create value for our customers that will help them on their business/marketing strategies and initiatives. We will accomplish this through our people and organization’s talents and passion for providing excellent customer experience. We would be able to attract, retain develop and grow our team as they are trained, recognized and rewarded for delivering on this Vision.

Integrity: We assert on honesty and fairness as the guides against which all of our actions must be measured, and we build and earn trust by upholding the highest code of ethics in everything we do.
Quality Service: We deliver exceptional service and support to all of our clients and achieve that excellent customer experience. Our employees give excellent service and commitment upon fulfilling our clients’ needs.
Accountability & On-time: We respect the importance of being on-time and doing things right at the start. Every employee is accountable for his actions.
Collaboration: We enable and support each employee for success. We recognize and reward those who help the Company materialize its vision. We are also open for healthy dialogues and collaborations with our clients.
Innovation: We are open to ideas that bring us forward and provide excellent products and services. We constantly research and study new technologies, ideas, solutions that we can introduce to the industry.
Passion: We are extremely passionate about the industries and clients we serve. We foster and exhibit positive focus and strive for excellence in everything we do.
Diversity. We embrace and maximize diversity to bring quality and excellent results.
Customer Driven: We continue to seek and adapt to effectively meet the needs and fulfill the goals of our clients.
Relationships. We are committed to building good and long-term relationships with our clients. We are to earn confidence and trust such that our clients will come to us again for our solutions. In the end, we want to promote collaborative partnership and view ourselves as an important extension of their business.
Continuous Improvement. We are committed to becoming the best in the industry by engaging in innovative problem-solving to constantly improve our company and the products or services we provide.

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