There are a lot of companies out there that claim to do a WiFi advertising platform, having listed WiFi advertising as a feature. But do they really have an advertising platform? Or simply a ‘page’ where you can upload image and videos that is classified as ads?


We noticed everyone claims to have one, but a few would have the complete WiFi advertising platform. It’s hard to understand this at the beginning as you’d be thinking about how to get started but you really need to understand the business that you’re getting into.


WiFi Advertising Platform is important because…


Targeted Ads

Advertising today really can’t be a shotgun approach, it has to be done targeted and smart or it’ll simply cost you more without a promise of a good return. On a user perspective, would a male want to see a female ad and vice versa?


The most important thing in advertising today is about being personalized to the person, it isn’t about showing the same ads to everyone, but rather, showing a specific ad to a specific person at the right time.


Our platform enables you to show your ads only to a specified target customers, this enables you to save money as an advertiser as it is shown only to the interested parties and chance of conversion is really high.



What happens if advertisers request to place WiFi ads in certain areas and not all? And worse, what if it is certain advertisers in a certain area to certain people to a certain time??


This already limits you in the WiFi advertising business, which means that the only way to really improve revenue is increasing pricing. But how do you ensure that advertisers see the ROI? Do you have to manually craft the report?


Our platform is about scalability of the WiFi advertising business model, enabling you to scale advertisers, sites and users while we ensure the up-to-date advertising technologies that automate targeting, reporting and ad effectivity. A WiFi advertising platform with a truly built in Ad Technology behind.



Multiple Advertisers & Optimizing Revenues

If your platform only has ‘slots’ for advertisers, how do you handle multiple advertisers? How do you handle priority display and how do you ensure you get the best revenues but with good user experience??


The key to handling multiple advertisers and optimizing revenues is to have a bidding system in a free market setting to enable you to maximize the limited advertising inventory you have, and bidding the inventory to, not just the highest bidder, but the most effective ads. When we say effective ads, it means it isn’t just to the highest bidder, but the ads that generate the most interaction / engagement. This way you generate compelling and value adding ads that people want hence improving customer experience.



WiFi Advertising Platform

We built Vayafi with all the factors mentioned above into consideration. What we want is for you to focus more on the actual business than be bogged down by technical concerns. Our system was built by marrying the online advertising technology to the offline advertising space, making it smarter, relevant, targeted and with great user experience and Amazing ROI for advertisers.


WiFi Advertising platform is rampant online, but I can proudly say, ours is focused on this field and have added all the necessarily technology to keep you ahead of the rest. We create a Win-Win deal so working with us enables you to compete aggressively and earn money together!