I’m sure that when we say WiFi advertising, it seems like it’s something that you’ve seen or heard before, but notice how it has become more and more prevalent these days? WiFi services has grown by 38.1% CAGR and is now worth $1.6B! We’re bullish that WiFi advertising will be one of the key drivers to push the WiFi industry moving forward.


Here’s our reasons why WiFi Hotspot Advertising will be huge:


Internet is a basic right

Internet is considered a basic human right, it helps people stay connected, education and information. WiFi is still the most prevalent way of connecting to the internet, when we’re out of home and go to public places (from the transport, say a bus, to a mall), we expect free WiFi.


But giving free WiFi has costs implications to the other stakeholders, how can they sustain such services without expecting anything in return? WiFi Advertising is the perfect way for the stakeholders to feel that there’s value in providing WiFi and incentivizes them to invest even further to give people the proper internet access.



Public Movement for free internet and CSR by Private companies

Since internet is a basic right, the public and private companies have really allotted budget to give people free internet. But giving internet access is expensive to operate and maintain, how can they sustain such operations let alone expand further to cover a full country?


WiFi hotspot advertising is simple enough that people understand what it is, hence convincing a traditional board of director or executive management isn’t as difficult as advertising has always been a simple way to monetize assets. Key thing here is we make free WiFi sustainable by providing a solid advertising platform.



Internet of Things (IOT)

IOT is a growing industries aligned to the goal of having smart cities, the main component of IOT has always been WiFi. WiFi can surely help IOT equipments connect and talk to each other to enable them to align under one system / dashboard.


How does WiFi advertising play out with IOT? The companies would need to have WiFi infrastructure installed in their sites, and provide people the free internet at the same time. To help them minimize costs and infrastructure investment ROI, advertising is a quick way to make the money back and show management there’s actual cash in this field.



Below the Line Advertising

WiFi Hotspot Advertising is all about enhancing below the line (BTL) advertising, as it has always been a very manual and labor intensive activity. WiFi advertising can be a means to help brands activate and sell more in a physical space.


From a simple information about products / services, gathering data from interested customers to engaging actions such as filling in forms, etc. WiFi advertising will surely help lessen costs and improve effectivity in a generation where a mobile phone is the most critical item to bring day to day.


Ultimately, WiFi advertising is a more effective and cheaper than flyering, lowers labor costs by automating it on the WiFi and improving engagements with people when most people have their heads down looking at their phones a lot more!



Quality of Traffic and Return on Investment (ROI) on Point of Sale (POS)

What’s great about Wifi advertising is that it’s the best of the online and offline world. It’s about being able to automate and target effectively similar to online ads, whilst being able to position in physical spaces and encouraging interactions and engagements with users on their own devices!


The biggest strength of WiFi is the location part, knowing where you are on a certain time and what you’re interested in the physical space. And since you are already there close to the POS of a store / venue, users can then purchase right there with special offers.


Although WiFi don’t get the same amount of traffic online, we get quality traffic. Real people in real places with intent to purchase and drives traffic to places by being relevant and close to the users.


Our system, Vayafi, automates the whole process, enables you to target ads at the right place, at the right time, at the right person! Relevant, Targeted and Hyperlocal!