WiFi advertising is a perfect way to monetize the Free WiFi setup, but showing ads on WiFi isn’t as simple as it sounds. Notice how most companies claim to be in the WiFi advertising space, but are they really?


To most companies, they claim they have WiFi Advertising by simply saying that they can insert ad images and videos on the Splash / Login page that shows people ads. With that, they claim that they have WiFi advertising and sell their customers.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

  • Not Scalable – How do you place ads with thousands of sites? What happens if advertisers only want specific sites? How are you able to scale the advertising with the manual-ness of this process.
  • Too Ads-y – Ads look like any other ad that users have a negative connotation of what they see. People already have learned to be immune by ignoring ads online!
  • Not Relevant – Imagine showing female product ads to males? Would that ever work? All users see the same ad, this makes it hard to justify pricing to advertisers.
  • Not Performance Driven – How can you justify the ad pricing? Is it thru the total volume you get? But what happens if you don’t deliver? How does an advertiser say whether your ads are worth it or not?
  • Ad Yield Limitation – By doing this, you are limited by the ad placements that you place manually which may not be the best yield / ad earnings. High paying ads aren’t always effective and Low paying ads could be effective too!


So what does Vayafi – WiFi Advertising Software do differently?

  • Ad Technology – By inserting the ad technology of the online advertising space into the WiFi advertising space, we’re able to create so much benefits while empowering the physical spaces with digital advertising technology.
  • Scalable – We’re able to allow advertisers to create and run their ad campaigns thru our platform, enabling them to place the ad at their target audience, at their preferred locations and at the right time.
  • Personalized & Relevant – People feel ads when it isn’t really for them, if the ads were familiar and compelling to them, it would feel more of an offer for them. The idea is that the ads are close to the point of sale in the physical space, thereby empowering the advertisers to achieve advertising ROI.
  • Performance Driven – What made online advertising effective and a preferred channel is the nature of it being performance driven (i.e. no performance no pay). By ensuring you perform and deliver what you promised, would enable you to get the advertisers to keep being part of your advertising pool and creates a win-win scenario.
  • Ad Yield Optimization – With an ad tech at the back of the platform, we’re enabling you to optimize your revenue by enabling advertisers to bid for a spot within specific venue and at the specific device of a user. We ensure you get great revenues thru bids and effective ads that users actually like (get repeat advertising sales).


At the end of the day, the most important factor for ads not to be felt like ads is the relevancy of the ad to the user. It is about telling them more about what they like, as opposed to, something that looks completely unrelated to them. Our product, Vayafi, is focused on enabling you to make money thru WiFi while giving users free WiFi and telling them more about ads that are personally targeted to them.